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some things that will never be agreed upon, although the discussions are always enlightening:

  • the role of the creator in the fan experience
  • the relative importance of “intention” vs. “perception”
  • the line between “humor/sarcasm” and “malicious words”
  • the privilege of the voice of the creators vs. the “everyone is human and equal and therefore no one person’s opinion holds more ‘truth’ ” perspective
  • the emotional(?) distance between creator and content
  • the distance between personal opinion and personhood
  • the jurisdiction of creator and fan

Random Observations and Personal Perspective/Opinions

The LBD fandom is going through this right now. It is fair, it is natural. Both sides have valid points. How we perceive the “other” opinion depends on which side of the coin we identify with.

People are allowed to be angry. Both sides of the argument.

Being angry does not invalidate what someone is saying. Being rational does not increase the validity of what someone is saying. The only helpful thing, I think, is to be articulate.

It sucks that this uncomfortable discussion is taking place during the relative climax of this series. I’d rather be more invested in fan theories about Lydia/Lyckham and Dizzie stuff but this popped up.

Also personal attacks suck. Across the board.

So wanting to get rid of this discussion is not helpful. It will die out naturally as other things in the fandom take priority. The next couple of LBD and TLB episodes will likely provide 10x the amount of discussion that this one event has. Patience, it will come.

For those who are feeling ostracized, I want this fandom to be a place where you can feel heard and still participate. It takes the collective work of individuals to create such a space.